Sophia Lenore Productions Presents: Mercedes- Bens Fashion Week

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Director, Producer, Creative Director- Sophia Lenore
Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Sophia Lenore
Hair styling by Sophia Lenore
Makeup by Sophia Lenore
Sophia Lenore Productions brings you behind the scenes during Mecedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Sophia Lenore held the titles of Creative Director, as well as Director of hair, makeup and wardrobe. The African Day Runway show, Hosted by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, premiered at the famous 5 star Kempinski Adlon Hotel in Berlin, Germany. The African Fashion Day runway show took several months to develop and perfect. There were many long, crazy, stressful weeks leading up to the show. However creative director Sophia Lenore, and the rest of the African Fashion Day team managed to present a beautiful and successful runway show. The runway show was very well received by the press, and the Berlin fashion community. Sophia Lenore was the only Mercedes-Benz team member with cameras following her constantly. This was to document and record the process for putting on a runway show. The cameras were able to catch every important moment of preparation so that you the viewer can see what it take to put on a high profile runway show. Enjoy the behind the scenes footage of Sophia Lenore at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Please feel free to leave a comment expressing any questions or opinions for Sophia Lenore or about the video.