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Sophia Lenore Salon & Spa for Beauty, Health & Wellness at The REGENT BERLIN Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, I am a licensed professional hairstylist, makeup artist, nail care expert & facialist from America. I do specialize in doing Black/ African American hair-styling. However, I am very proficient and capable of styling all types of hair. I operate a salon & spa in Berlin-Mitte, located at The Regent Hotel. As a licensed cosmetologist I have a strong background in beauty & wellness, so I can accommodate all beauty and grooming needs for both men and women.

Crazy Weeks, Crazy Weekends!

Crazy Weeks, Crazy Weekends! During the week I always look forward to the weekend; because I don't usually work on the weekends, I anticipate just resting! No photo shoots, no television shows to tape, no fashion shows, nothing!! (unless I am on a film shoot). When the weekend finally arrives I can't wait to get into bed and just sleep, eat and watch t.v. However that never happens!! I have multiple blogs, websites and social... sites to update on the weekend; not to mention all of the fashion magazines I need to buy. Then...

American Hairstylist in Berlin, Germany

American Hairstylist in Berlin, Germany In July 2011 hairstylist and makeup artist to the stars Sophia Lenore decided to make Berlin, Germany, her third home to accommodate her celebrity and socialite clients. Until recently celebrity hair and makeup artist Sophia Lenore spent her time flying back and forth between her two homes in New York City and Miami, Florida. "Now I just need a place in California" Sophia stated in an interview with Miami Very Social Magazine.

Learn from the Best: New Apprenticeship Program Offered by Sophia Lenore

Learn from the Best: New Apprenticeship Program Offered by Sophia Lenore New York based celebrity hair & make up artist Sophia Lenore offers hair & make up training to students in Berlin who want to pursue a career in the fashion & beauty industry. Apply today and become one of Sophia Lenore’s apprentices. Learn theory and practical applications from one of the best hair & make up artists in the industry. Assist Sophia Lenore during photo shoots, fashion shows, TV productions, and celebrity events.

Beyonce's Releases A Teaser For Her Upcoming Music Video

image_4e10dffa69da4.jpg Beyonce Releases A Teaser For Her Upcoming Music Video, " Countdown"Enjoy Beyone's Music Video "Countdown"